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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

Anti-Crack Help

Richey’s DELPHI-BOX: Anti-Crack page – Although this site is primarily aimed at Delphi developers, it does bring up some extremely valuable points. After reading it you will be quite shocked, you’ll want to try and implement most of it. Don’t as it will take forever, don’t get carried away. For sale, Kids Maths Software […]

Tagged This is a great site for announcements of beta releases and general software news. All the big software companies use it. High quality fashion jewellery at a reasonable price! by JM


Tucows and the clickable link

Forum Admin I´ve recently submitted Ideaspad to Tucows and after several days (ten I think) I got a message saying my software had been rejected. This was quite a shock as I´ve not been rejected anywhere else! 😮 The reason being that I did not have a clickable link to the Framework download (when the […]


Windows Resource Files WINRES

Does anyone know whether there is a 3rd party version of WinRes. A better version? For those who have never heard of WinRes… It’s basically a tool which allow non developers to change the text and basic layout of your windows forms. E.g. Get your German or Spanish friend to translate your program without giving […]

Writing help files for software products

For help, I’ve stuck with the CHM format. It does what I need and is easy to integrate with a .Net application. I must admit though I haven’t spent time investigating alternatives and I’ve just gone with what I know about. I used to find the process of developing a CHM a bit laborious. I’d use […]


What sort of help file should you have?

Having previously used CHM help with VS6, I thought I’d have a look at the Help Project provided with VS.Net. Before I go any further, I think I may put you off. After I had followed an example through to its conclusion and created a setup project for my HXS help file, added necessary merged […]


The Lost Benefits of Handling Serious Errors

You´ve read the title, your thinking this is one of those lessons in putting error traps and user friendly messages. Wrong. You´ve probably read all that stuff anyway. You probably know that the key to designing a web site, is to regard it as your 24 hours sales person. It should handle everything for you, […]

Software Release Test Process

The first thing I do when testing a new release is to ensure that I can successfully install the softare on a clean PC. By clean PC, I mean a PC that has nothing else on it but the initial installation of Windows. My software runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. I use virtual […]

Cold Coding Problems

This thread is aimed to provide an area for exhausted problems, where you’ve looked on various coding help sites and on the newsgroups and have come up with NOTHING. Maybe one of us may know the answer or maybe one day someone will see this posting on a search engine and come up with the […]

My Ideaspad Testplan

I thought I’d post my Ideaspad Test Plan. Someone may find it useful. It may spark a discussion? 1 Clear PC from previous installations / tests uninstall etc. Anything odd left behind? 2 NB: Through out testing, please turn you speakers on. If you notice an error beep in a funny place please make a […]

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