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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

PR Update Again

Google has exported the latest PR values to the toolbar today. Both Access Database Security and SliQTools are winners with PR increases from 0 to 2 and from 3 to 4 respectively but again this blog didn’t get assigned a PR. Have you noticed changes on any other sites? by ML

Whats an unreasonable amount of programs on a download site for an author?

I did a keep clean up job a few months back and deleted authors who had lots of programs on softtester. I can’t remember the figure I deleted from. However I’ve noticed a lot of credit site listings etc again. So I plan to limit the amount of programs an author can have on one […]

My first C# program

Well I’ve now read 3 hours of my teach yourself C# book. I’ve found it really hard to keep awake, not learnt that much so far. Taken me ages to motivate myself to keep going. Anyways, I thought I’d try and write a small program to see how far I could go. I’m stuck already, […]


Free article sites

At least a year ago, I read about free article sites and added some article pages to my kids mask factory site. Aaron just emailed me, he’d done a personal search and found one of my articles. I guess there is some value is having these pages, but I’m not sure whether such pages lead […]


Adwords Tool, competition indication, whats good ?

We’ve been using the adwords keyword tool to try and find good keywords. My initial thoughts where that I should avoid ANYTHING with any competition but have at least a thousand search volume. However, Aaron found a video on how to use the tool and this changed our / my understanding of it. Heres the […]


Well done to BlueSkiMoney

Well done to BlueSkiMoney aka Aaron, We’ve been chatting about SEO and using the adwords tool and watching some howto videos from youtube and last night hes, produced what I think is a well SEO page. Having said this there is always room improvement, he could do with more content and some internal links […]


Going along with the traffic

I may be imagining things, but I’ve noticed something funny with the traffic to my main site in the last few weeks. For most of the last 6 months, visitors to my main site followed the same pattern – up on specific days of the week, down on certain others, up at certain times of […]

Shop Sites, should they be like normal sites too?

At the moment my shop sites are my top priority, well my kids maths site is and anything I can transfer into the jewellery site I do that too. I’ve been using the adwords keyword tool to try and add some further keywords into my product pages. Then I started thinking, it difficult to add […]


Freeware version as a selling strategy?

In the past few years I’ve seen many of my competitors and other software where theres a freeware or free version, which is a cut down version of the real thing. The real thing not being free. Up till now I’ve considered other factors but not the SEO factor. There would be more traffic, downloads […]


Sitemaps and big sites

I’m just thinking I really need sitemaps for softtester but theres 60,000 urls / dynamic pages. Even if I have a-z pages, the sitemap files are going to be huge. What should I do ? by JM