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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

Actual Software Trial Period Lengths

On my last software release on 11th November, I changed the product code/ unlock code format to make things easier for my customers. The change also means I don’t have to issue new unlock codes when someones buys a new PC. My old system was getting to be a bit of a burden and I […]


Types of PadFile marketing Programs?

I’d like to discuss, in more detail, the different types of programs which could be used with pad file marketing. Also gather together enough information / ideas to simple be able to write the program, all from this posting / comments. Of course it would be easy just to develop lots of screen savers, but […]

Getting started with the eBay API?

Blues mentioned the eBay API a few times, when he showed me the developers page a year or so ago and I took a look at the code it really put me off. Especially as I’m not that familiar with XMP and my definition of soap is slightly different to his 🙂 I thought I’d […]

How to caluculate whether your in profit with your ebay sellings?

Ideally I’m trying to come up with a quick and easy way to calculate whether my ebay sellings are earning me any profit. However, to do this accurately I’m going to have to include the amount I spend on packaging and stock. From that I’ll have to take in to count stock / packaging I […]

Sitewide links from Unrelated Sites – pros and cons

Over the years, SoftTester has handed out site-wide links to lots of sites – some to Dipsy’s sites, some to others. Sometimes the other sites weren’t well related – although they often had a connection with software. I was wondering how getting a sitewide link from a site as big as SoftTester affected the target […]

The benefits of long term customer feedback

For one of my programs which isn’t doing hugley well, I haven’t got many long term customers. However theres one whose well out of his refund period and he regularly asks me for bug fixes. I find this feedback extremely useful (I’m pleased to do his fixes as it improves the program) and beats all […]

More duplicates

Well, I had to setup my google webmaster tools account today as I had to change the email address it was using. So I had a bit of a look round at the stats and discovered more duplicate pages. When I add a record program / pad record I already do a check on the […]

Windows Vista – program has stopped working problems

I’ve decided I hate Windows Vista as a development platform. In the past year I’ve had 3 people who got strange crashes running one of my programs on Vista. I’ve had no weird problems reported on Windows XP at all. In the last week I’ve had someone move from XP to Vista and their program […]

Shareware Site Refresh – Bartering for Graphics

Over at, I’ve been trying to promote the site to the likes of RoboSoft for a few weeks in an attempt to get submissions. I’ve failed miserably.  The site is getting only a handful of visitors a day and no submissions at all. The original idea behind ResourceFill was that it was a low-cost […]


Giving Authors more from your download site

I’ve been using a submitting program (which I bought the other day) and got an email back from one site, with SEO information about my site. Most of which was only available if I paid for it. This gave me an idea. Those emails authors get are in most cases a real wasted opportunity. I’m […]