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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

The importance of our selling strategy?

OK, VERY important is my answer. I’ve been looking at registry problem fixing programs and found a website which is reviewing each of the main programs. It must be the developers of the program at the top of this list who have developed. So thats one thing in their strategy. All of the programs listed […]

What questions do customers actually ask?

I’m writing some FAQ pages for my web sites and I’ve just noticed I’ve answered mainly technical questions. Sure, I’ve said my order form is secure and how to contact me if theres a problem. Actually I’ve only done stuff my program sites, haven’t got any content for my shop sites. I guess this content […]

Using allintitle: to measure the competition for a keyword

If you are looking for a rough and ready way of measuring the competitiveness of a set of keywords, there’s a number of methods you can user. You can use Google’s Adwords keyword¬† tool: to give relative indications of how much competition there is for a particular search term. I always find the measure […]


Selling CDs online, on eBay and the future of their licensing scheme?

For sometime now Blue and I have been selling crap on CD on eBay. I’ve also put my CDs on my maths shop. However about 6 months ago I decided I’d improve the content of my maths program and make it possible for the software to be downloadable instead. You can sell downloadable software on […]

What to put on a FAQ / Customer Help page?

I think I’m missing a vital feature in my marketing machine. I recently bought some software, in fact when I think about, my last few software purchases, I’ve had to look around the site to find certain information before I was ready to buy. So what things should I have on this page. – Details […]

How to schedule / automatically test a contact form?

I’ve been setting up a scheduled tasks to let me know if I have a large number of transactions to process on Softtester, this is a simple count of the emails in the que, I get an email if its over a certain level. This test will tell me if I’ve been spammed or if […]

Is it worth seasonalising your site?

I’ve noticed in the past few days that I’ve had some orders for a couple of products where I previously had none. One of which has that pack license problem which they haven’t got back to me about. I’m convinced that these sales must be people buying presents for others for xmas. With my KMF […]

Leeching whether we need to worry and what we can do?

Since we discovered that an IP had been leeching from us, Blue discovered that softtester has about lots of IPs doing it. Blue doesn’t think theres anything we can do about it and he’s not seen any protection for it. I’d like to discuss and figure out if its causing us problems, I know its […]

Homepage Title Tag: Possible improvements

I’ve been looking at the title tags on the homepages of both SoftTester and SoftwareLode to see if there’s any improvements that can be made to try and get more visitors. On SoftwareLode, I’m going to shuffle the order of items in the title as the Free Software Downloads phrase isn’t attracting any visitors for […]


PageRank N/A: Why do no inner pages have a rank?

Ever since this blog was assigned a Google pagerank, I’ve been looking to see if any of the older posts have a rank. As far as I can tell, none of the post pages do. On my software blog, the homepage doesn’t have an assigned rank but a smattering of the older posts have a […]