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{ Monthly Archives } January 2009

A Few Thoughts on Optimising SoftTester

I’ve had a few thoughts on ways of optimising SoftTester to try and spread a bit more of the link-juice around the program details pages and up the number of visitors. I don’t know whether they will work or how much effect they will have but they could be worth trying out. First Thing to […]

Cycle of incorrect pages

I’ve been doing some work on softtester and noticed my page errors table was 80mb, I was shocked. So I picked one record, one from an actual user, not a robot. However both are the same in this discussion. The record shows a page which doesn’t exist, correctly. However, google and other sites don’t get […]

How to create an efficient downloads tracking table in MySql?

At the moment I have a “tracking” table, which I use to store both searches and downloads. TABLE `tracking` `TID` bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment, `PadID` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `Phrase` text NOT NULL, `PageHandle` varchar(10) NOT NULL, `Referer` text NOT NULL, `Agent` text NOT NULL, `Lang` text NOT NULL, `RemAddress` text NOT NULL, `DateAdded` timestamp NOT […]

Optimising Adsense: Ignore irrelevant content

Up until the last couple of days I was getting poor click through rates compared with SoftTester. Although I can’t be certain I’ve made improvements that will stick in the longer term, my Adsense has recently improved by a factor of 5 in terms of clicks and earnings. What I had noticed was that the […]

How to replace outlook, big pst file and access online?

I’d like to try and switch my pc off during the day, at the moment, I’m either at my pc or on my laptop or doing other things. I don’t want to have to end switching my pc on and off all the time. Also I don’t want to have to buy another copy of […]

Improving the performance of 321

There have been a number of posts on this blog about improving the performance of SoftTester. The majority of these posts don’t apply to 321 as the script itself is already in good shape for on-page optimisation. The page titles, meta description and inter-page linking are all looking good. I’m guessing that 321 doesn’t get […]

Welcome Illusion

I’d just like to welcome Illusion (aka Dan) to the blog, me and Blue have known him for a while. Hes a student and studying programming at university, hes done work for us both on RentACoder. OK, I’m going to set the ball rolling and discuss his software site, which we will call 321 so […]


I guess I hadn’t kept a close eye on things, but I was doing some updates to the site yesterday and noticed that I had PR on my sub pages. The home page is PR2 and several other pages are PR3 also, the ones linked by the recent searches at the top. Also the page […]

MDBSecure 2009 v1.2.0 Released

Following comments from made by customers we decided to look into adding some advanced security settings, as provided in 3 screens within MS Access. However, following our analysis we realised that we’d basically have to copy the screens. Since we wanted to provide a stability in this feature we decided to give customers the option […]

Earning money from downloads, affiliate bundling

I’ve always hated it when you see program budling the google toolbar or other program in the setup program. However, with my kids prog, its not doing much at the moment, maybe I should consider this type of thing. Comments?