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{ Monthly Archives } February 2009

Problems with BT Broadband

Lately we’ve been having big problems with BT broadband. Once a week or so the ADSL connection drops out leaving us disconnected from the internet. We are so used to spending a few hours a day online – answering emails etc. – that it drives us a bit nuts. I’ve contacted their 0800 support line […]


After 2 weeks or maybe its the best part of 3 week… hmmm… I’ve finished my in-house ordering system updates. We’ll its working, although I’ll be doing 5 minute tweaks now and again. Been something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years. Will make the whole process less of a chore for me […]

Adsense Penalty: Is there such a thing?

Since around the time I tweaked the Adsense on my software downloads site the page impressions have been dropping. The number of pages in Google’s main index has also been declining in the last month or so. I can’t pin the drop in impressions down to the exact date when I changed the Adsense but […]

Marketing via new toys for my CD software?

I’ve finally made some progress with my new licensing functionality for my maths cds. I can now accept a few of the users details along with a 14 digit numeric key, all of which I will print at the bottom of the customers packing slip. Thus making my life tonnes easier as I can create […]

Security license code enter by customer with their address etc?

I’m about to develop a new licensing strategy for customers who buy cds. The customer will get their packing slip / invoice with a box at the bottom of the page, with their details (name, address, email address) and some sort of license code. The idea being that they have to type the contents of […]

My first RentACoder request in months

I’ve just put up a rentacoder request, first one in ages. I was feeling lazy and I need my home page fixing and its a nightmare with some code embedded in php etc. But I can use winmerge to pick out the changes. Accepted a big with in 15 mins of posting, £11 🙂 by […]