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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

Benefits from having a blog on your existing site?

We’ve decided we would like to add a blog to our jewellery site (although we’ll be getting a new domain and new look too). However, I’m not sure what benefit it will be to the site, sure it will bring extra content and therefore extra search terms to the site. But I’ve had forums and […]

The site vs blog mix

I’m trying to come up with a design and strategy for a new blog, which will complement an existing site. Well it will be a new domain / site, but I know what the main content of the site will be. In my case a shopping site for jewellery. So why have a blog? Well […]

Yet another thought on missing images

This is another update on my missing image investigations on softwarelode. What I’ve now realised is that all my PHP code for checking for missing images is OK when loading a specific page. The PHP runs, checks if an image is present then either shows or not the screenshot hyperlinks from the program details pages. […]

What to do with my other shop with it bad url, or is it?

What to do with … This shop is much older that kids math store, I origally had maths products in it, it had products but remained pretty much uncared for from 2006 until last year. I then moved the maths products to kms and put jewellery products in it instead. Since then, I’ve done […]

Are old program listings worth keeping?

Over at softwarelode I’ve got a number of old listings dating back to 2005, 6 or 7. Are these listings worth keeping? You could say that if it’s still a live program then keep it listed but would the quality of the site be improved by removing listings that may well be abandoned by the […]

K Program Feedback 2

After posting my earlier K Program Feedback post I had deliberately not mentioned the program to my kids to see if they asked to use it again. Well, this Sunday, the 5-year old spontaneously asked if he could “do the mask program” again. I burned the program onto a CD and installed it onto a […]

Software marketing

I know this may seem stupid, but I’ve not serious thought of SEO as a marketing approach, I know it is, but you don’t kind of think of it that way. To me its more like making sure your HTML is valid. When you think of SEO as one of the marketing¬† tools in your […]