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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009

K program, question / opinion?

I’m now developing the rental functionality for my K program. Its a lot easier that I thought, but I can’t figure whats the best way to add rental records to my database. My Rental table has two important fields, Order Number and expiration date. The order number is ShareITs order number. When the license key […]

Good / important internal linking?

When I first began using the pad file / software approach to building links, I added those pages I’d “padded” and those I intended to, to a block of links near the top of my page. Shown circled below :- I used the guise of “recent searches” to make the block look genuine. This position […]

Worry about duplicate content?

We’ve finally decided on a new domain name for our new jewellery shop. As I’m so busy at the moment, I’m keen to have my wife do as much as possible and learn as much as she can. However, I will need to install and setup the software. We need to transfer the license for […]

Ideas for link-building strategies

Since the New Year I’ve been quietly building links for softwarelode and I now seem to be fairly stable at the 1500/ 2000 a day mark and making a decent amount of Adsense. I think that this work and the work done on Softtester last year – improved awards symbols and promoting each other in […]