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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Maximizing wordpress comments with twitter

I don’t if you’ve got into twitter yet, I’m seeing a great number advantages and opportunities with twitter. Although I don’t tweet that much at the moment. Anyways I was chatting to blue earlier and then I had a look at twitter then Blue twitter page and found a comment which looked interesting so I […]

Using what we’ve learnt about linking strategies elsewhere

We’ve discussed (at length) linking strategies for our shareware download sites. However, thinking up a linking strategy for another type of site isn’t so easy. Over the last few days I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy for an online shop. This is a new site, based on an older site where we […]

URL Rewriting to Make SEO-Friendly URLs

On one of my sites I’ve been thinking about revamping some of the URLs. On many of the pages there are hyperlinks that map to searches with URLs like this example: However, I’d like to have hyperlinks/ URLs like this instead: The main difference is that the keyword is now separated by a […]