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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

My latest link building motivation

Since I had my first few comments rejected and them found a way of finding sites which should accept my comments, I’ve done nothing. However, I did add a task in my to do list software, which now shows the task at the top of my list, well almost. Firstly I’m going to revisit my […]

Making progress with blog commenting

I’ve been struggling to make any progress, I’ve made some blog comments and not had any accepted. So I’ve been looking round this blog for previous useful tips, I’ve made a new link building category and added all those relevant posts to it. And my results are zip, except that blog commenting seems to be […]

Whys my inbox so full of rubbish at the moment?

I don’t mean spam! But I seem to be retaining lots of newsletters. I already have folders for newsletter I want to keep. And rules for things I think I should keep for future use. But I have things I seem to be hanging on to. I have about 150 at the moment, and have […]

Could I use the same keywords on multiple pages?

I’m not sure what to do, I’m short on good keywords for product pages on our jewellery site. In the past on the old site, I found reasonable keywords which I had to squeeze into the content. But those keywords aren’t those that people would use. I’m just wondering whether I should just use the […]

Forum posting, same as blog commenting?

I’m a bit disappointed at my lack of progress, due to no fault of my own, with problems submitting my comments on blogs and them not appearing. Even then, if I did succeed, they could be rejected as spam. I’ve always found forum posting, something I can do and keep doing. So do the same […]

Link Exchanging

Do people genuinely still email you asking for a link exchange? I know I get several emails a month, but I always ignore them, now I’ve got a good captcha feature I hope to gain more confidence in these emails, but I guess I’ll still have doubts. I remember I found some sample emails about […]

The other week, I got sick of getting complete gibberish emails from my contact form. This was partly due to my reformatting the content sent. If someone pastes HTML into my contact form, it appears as HTML when I get it. However, mostly its because of spam bots. A couple of years ago I found […]

Six tips about commenting on blogs

Blog commenting is a relatively easy way to build links. As with all link-building it takes time to build enough links to make a difference to the performance of your site in SERPs. Like forum posting, blog commenting also has a timeout factor. As new posts are made on the blog, the post you commented […]