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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

Getting an 0845 number for our shop sites on the cheap?

While trying to find new services to accept our product feeds, by posting messages on help sites / forum, I found some great advice for e-commerce sites. The top tip was to get an 800 number, this was the US, but I think an 0845 number as opposed to an 0800 number would be good […]

A true test of my google base / product search feed improvements

I’ve had google base feeds for over a year now, actually it may be longer. I started out just creating a text file from a spreadsheet and uploading the file to my website. Then pointed google base at that file. With our jewellery site, I went one step further and linked the shop data into […]

New Software Package Release

I’m now one week into the new release of V2 of my main software package. So far I’ve had loads of downloads and no problems reported. I’ve also had some purchases from new users and some upgrades which give me confidence things are OK. I had good feedback during the beta but decided to resist […]

How to connect another PC to your HP Wireless print server?

After about an hour of trying, I’ve finally figured it out. I thought I’d put this post up to remind me in the future, it may also be useful to others in the future. This relates to adding another printer to a HP 21011 Wireless G USB Print Server, but it may be similar for […]

Whats happening with my new program version now?

At the middle of last week I released (quietly) a new version of Kids Mask Factory I didn’t realise till the start of this week that I had a small bug (introduced at the eleventh hour) which came up saying that there were essential files missing. I quickly fixed this bug and since its been […]

How can a shop or product site become an authoritative site?

I’ve been trying to get my wife to help with linking building for our jewellery site, by showing her how to comment on blogs. However she rightly points out that this seems a bit like a scam. Also I’m sure we all agree that there isn’t a huge benefit from these type of links. Today […]

Why I’m going to stick

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been revisiting the idea of renaming and breathing new life into my ideaspad program. I had an idea that I could focus on a feature previously a secondary feature which wasn’t really a complementary feature. I thought of some keywords which I thought described the program, however that was […]


Why I’m still not convinced its worth making an iPhone app, yet

Both Blue and Illusion have been talking about iPhone app development and saying I should give it a go. Today after watching Blues Hello World app, I figure that providing the app doesn’t get too complicated (which is the main idea behind cheap iPhone apps) and the fact theres a lot of code snippets of […]

Second App

Okay, so I’m sitting here reviewing a milion and one apps and wondering where the gap in the market might be and it occurs to me there isn’t. I mean yeah, there is always something someone doesn’t have.  However if you make it, most likely that one person might be the only one who buys […]

My New App

I recently submitted my app to the apple store a few days, its a simple little thing for work out taxi fares.  However I thought it would be good to actually own an itouch so I can get an idea for how my apps will actually work.  I mean you have the iphone simulator, but after getting […]