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{ Monthly Archives } November 2009

Getting on track with link building?

I’ve just done what seems to be my bi-monthly task, of looking at link building task at the top of my to-do list. Then wading through the topics on link building here, which is made easier as last time I created a new category called link building. Firstly, what I’ve just read here which has […]

Results: Pad file and directory submission, did they do anything for me?

I’ve just been looking at analytics and webmaster tools, specifically at keywords. I’ve compared our 2 shops. The jewellery site is about 6 months old and the maths site is over a year old. About a year ago I created pad files and submitted the site using mikes directory submitter. If I look in AllTheWeb […]


How to get technology to work on the second attempt

I’ve just had a bit of a nightmare replacing an ink cartridge, gone through two yellow epson compatible cartridges. Over the years, I’ve found with pay phones and slot machines and anything which accepts coins that if you breathe on the coin, most of the time the machine accepts it. In desparation I tried it […]

Will I just be giving code away?

I’ve got a set of MFC/ ActiveX controls I wrote 6 or 7 years ago that could be quite useful to me in the future. I’ve never released them in a product or used them to make any cash. The thing is, I’d like to possibly demo some capabilities/ possibilities to some companies next year […]

A Pad Spec, which is rejecting some of my progs

Theres a new Pad file specifaction which is being adopted by download sites. In particular, theres now a 70 character limit on URLs, with my mcls domain this causes me problems for my M program and ideaspad. Not sure about my new M program site. So maybe its time to move to a new domain […]

How to get a reply for a posted question?

In the last couple of days Blue and I have been posting some questions on various sites and forums. Initially we haven’t had a good response. I haven’t posted many questions recently, but I remember what I’ve done in the past to get the goods. The key is to ask simple / short questions, with […]

How to quickly budget each month with MS Money 2000+

For a long time I’ve moaned about how time consuming and depressing it is to budget each month. I’ve always used MS Money 2000, but I got so fed up with it I’d leave it for a few months and get into trouble financially. What I used to do was, download all the transactions for […]

Where to go next?

I’ve had my shareware site for nearly 18 months now and I’ve got 28,000 software titles listed. I’ve been at about this level for 6 months or so. I get 50 to 150 new submissions a day but I’ve become increasingly vicious in weeding out stuff that even looks like spam. Every so often I […]

When will I officially release my K program?

Well I say officially, I’ll just update my pad file, maybe run the submission software and maybe a blog post, maybe add a news page… Ooo I could email people. However, every few days I’m make a small tweak and uploading a new version. I think I’m close to tracking down all my current bugs […]

Hosting problems – one thing I can do without

As I’ve just released V2 of one of my products I’m in an ultra paranoid state – will people like the changes, has the product lost some key appeal that convinced people to purchase, is there a crash that simply makes people toss the installation away as rubbish? From some of the recent posts on […]