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{ Monthly Archives } December 2009

Whats blog posting all about really?

I was just wondering about one of my sites, it does quite well for traffic, I think one of the reasons is that I used to regularly post on a forum, when I was developing my software, I had a signature link to my site. However, my traffic doesn’t lead to sales and therefore I […]

A Guide to Buying Blog Posts

I’ve been going round in circles with link building and I find that compiling all the guidance and my thoughts on this blog to be a really useful and an “in  your face” area to keep them. In the last couple of days I’ve been through all the emails I’ve had on using blog posts […]

Finding a good enough store with blog to partner blog

Following recently emails with Mike, blogging and maybe blog commenting still seem to be the easiest way to get back links. I read on DP that forming a partnership with a fellow store and blog sites (in the same category as my site(s)) and then guest blogging is an ideal way to get links and […]

Shop Site Review

I spent an hour or so looking the site and noted a few things. Some of the points are subjective, i.e they might just be my personal likes and dislikes. Performance for chosen keywords Four keywords were mentioned by email and the site does well for each of them – top 10 in the results […]

A new pad file link building idea?

I was just thinking about the pad file link building idea and the pros and cons. Cons The file would be submitted to too many sites and would be judged as spam. You needed to have a different exe / program to go with it. You had to create the pad file which took time. […]


How to know what keywords work and succeed?

I’ve setup a couple of sites in the last year or so where I’ve done some keyword research using the adwords keywords tool. I found keywords which seem relevant to my products and had produced traffic. However, these keywords have not produced orders for me. Looking at my google webmaster stats top queries seem to […]

How do you organize your bookmarks?

I always seems to end up with a masssive list of bookmarks and a long list of folders. Then perhaps every year I take a backup and start again from scratch. I’m getting in a bit of a mess now so I was thinking I’d like to start a fresh in a way where I […]

Printing CDs – How to make it easier

A fair percentage of our customers want a CD copy. My wife handles the admin side of the operation and is ending up spending a couple of evenings a week burning CDs, printing address labels and packing items for mailing the next day. It’s getting to be too much of a burden. At one point […]

What does your inbox look like?

I’ve had some lack of computer problems recenlty, well I was in a bit of a mess before that. Anyways what does your inbox look like ?

What to do with Google Product Search next!

I’ve been doing some research on Google Product Search and Google Base, to see if I can  improve my sales. So I thought I’d publish my findings and my experiences here. I’ve also created a new category on the blog here. Page Rank (PR) has little impact on how high you appear in product search […]