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Finalising a Sales Strategy

I’m pretty near having a version of my enhanced package ready to release. I’ve still got work to do like beef up my backend programs for analysing the sites it works with to ensure submissions work properly but I’m on the home run. The analysis needs to do more checks than are needed for my existing program. I think I might also do a beta run prior to release with a selected set of people.

One of the final things I need to do is decide on the sales model. With the existing version I sell at a low price for 3 months use. This price is fixed to be a competitive fee for doing a submission run for a single customer website. I also offer a higher price for 12 months use. I’ve had quite a few resales from customers on the low price and a number of one year sales too. With the new program I’m wondering what sales model I should use.

I could sell at a one-off price. The problem with this is that the website serves up data, so there’s an ongoing cost to me that I need to cover.

Some competitors sell on a site-by-site basis, i.e. you pay $20 say for submitting one site to all the supported dirs. This involves registering the customer website’s URL and so on to check the URL isn’t being changed during a submission run. I’m not particularly keen on this though since I think it’ll increase the support overhead each time someone want to change the site URL when they make a mistake or if someone wants to resubmit the same site.

So I could go down a similar route to the existing package I sell except charge a higher price. The new package also restricts use to a limited number of PCs per purchased login – to stop armies of submitters buying one copy and running a whole company off it.

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  1. Dipsy | January 13, 2010 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    As you know I can’t talk from experience.

    However, why don’t you get people to pay for a subscription so you can bill them automatically, giving them the option to cancel at any point.

    I don’t think its a good idea to sell at a one-off price when you have to keep working for it for no fee.

    Yes one site for 3 months, 5 sites for six months and unlimited sites for a year etc

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