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Plans for SoftTester?

I’ve been making plans for all my projects.

Options :-

– Hmmm, improve the speed and functionality of the site I guess. Add extra dynamic pages.
– I guess I could add affiliate buy links etc, but this will require a lot of on going admin, requesting and being approved etc.

Of course I could share the data and use it in a second site.

Maybe I’ve missed or forgotten something big ?


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  1. MikeL | January 21, 2010 at 1:28 am | Permalink

    Thinking about value-added content for shareware sites –
    without requiring a large time commitment to create the
    content – is a thought that’s been occupying me for a

    I have thought of the affiliate route myself as you know
    but I haven’t found an affiliate scheme that is as easy to
    use as I expect so far.

  2. Dipsy | January 21, 2010 at 8:04 am | Permalink

    When I first setup softtester, I included a review feature, which gaves authors a gold placement at the top of the listings, but no one ever used it expect me and a few friends.

    The point being, getting authors to do anything wouldn’t work as a strategy.

    Having said that there are those extra parts in the pad file shown in robosoft, press releases if I remember rightly, maybe we could tap into those. Having said that, they aren’t going to be unique

  3. MikeL | January 29, 2010 at 7:54 am | Permalink

    Lately on my main shareware site, I’ve been looking at
    ways of increasing the internal links between pages. I’ve
    done this is a number of ways for the program details
    pages and for keyword list pages. It’s a bit early to say
    but it does seem to be having a small improvement on
    the number of page views per day. You could try some
    of these out on softtester.

    I do now publish press releases but this hasn’t turned out
    to be as easy as it first appeared and I still have some
    code to write to manage submissions properly.

    At the moment I tend just to delete most press release
    submissions. The problem has turned out to be that most
    press releases seem to be a duplicate of authors 2000
    character PAD description. Also, because most press
    releases are associated with PAD submissions, the same
    press releases get submitted time and again, e.g. on
    v2.1.0, v2.1.1 of a program release, and so on. You
    need code to detect updates to existing releases,
    releases with the same title and description etc., to
    prevent loads of duplicates. There also is a tendency for
    people to include HTML formatting in press releases,
    e.g. b tags. You can of course automatically treat
    these as plain text bu then the press release doesn’t look
    right. Authors also tend to repeat their contact details in
    the summary and main description which means that the
    releases need to be edited manually before being
    accepted. Essentially, you need code to manage press
    release submissions in a similar way to PAD submissions.

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