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Why I think Experts Exchange is well worth the money

I had a discussion with Blue several months ago and he was shocked, he’d paid for a year upfront and found he wasn’t using it very much and had difficulty getting some money back, if he got any money back at all.

EE is like RentACoder its all about knowing how things work and asking the right questions. Most importantly, where possible ask the question and make the subject of the posting as simple as possible. The subject is all experts or coder will see in most cases before they decide whether to look further.

Again mentioning Blue, his boss(es) at work encourage him to keep up with, what start out as, technical hobbies. EE experts do the same, they love to show their technical muscles and improve their knowledge. Who knows their bosses may encourage them too.

Apart from the knowledge they obtain through looking at problems and building their knowledge everyday, there’s also a leader board. The expert with the best score gets sage rating, I think that the top rating, I maybe be wrong.

I pay monthly, back in 2008 or maybe 2007, I cancelled my membership and since then have been quiet months. I think it works out as about £7 a month.

In the last few days I must have received answers for 5 or6 questions and its helped my productivity no end.

Normally on EE I think the approved approach is to get guidance and advice where your given an answer and the expert doesn’t do the work for you. Some experts work to this rule and believe that you need to do your own work. I kind of see their point, I guess that’s what RentACoder is for.

However, I tend to start out asking for sample code, sometimes in my posting subject. Therefore experts know what I’m expecting.

In almost all cases I get an answer within an hour. As I say keep your subject simple where possible.

Another important point, is to try and show that you’ve done some work to find the answer. I find posting my code helps. Experts see that you’ve genuinely tried to find a solution and it boosts their egos further that they can push your code aside and show they are the experts 🙂 Well perhaps 😉

If you find yourself not developing your projects then’s the time to pause your membership. But you need to pay monthly to do this.

by JM

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  1. Jennifer Prentice | February 18, 2010 at 12:49 am | Permalink

    Thanks for posting this, JM! I work for Experts Exchange (username is jennhp), and we are thrilled to have people like you on the site!

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