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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

Tip for PAD file Submission

Quick Tip: To make the most of a PAD file submission, you need to make sure your up to date listing gets shown on the front page of the software download site where it gets most exposure. As a side effect this probably means most link juice flows through your listing and back to your […]


Goodbye to MDBSecure

After much discussion¬† over the last year or two, I finally took the difficult decision to pull the plug on MDBSecure. I’ve just been removing the last of the web pages and email addresses etc. I first started development on the product back in 2005. The code to create an MS Access database which had […]

Making an SEO difference with a lot of pages?

We have a lot of product pages on one of our online stores, which has no meta keywords or description tags. Well, it uses the main page keywords and 35 chars of the start of the product description. I’ve found and modified some code which will scan a string and produce some keywords by order […]

Am I having a keyword problem?

I have two very similar online stores, one is slightly older. The older site has a lot less product pages than the newer site. When I setup the older site, I added keywords and titles for each product. by default the code for the store uses the main site keywords if theres no keywords specified […]

Are Shareware Sites useful for Software Promotion?

I’ve read a couple of articles in the past year saying shareware sites are no good for software promotion. My recent experience though indicates the opposite. One of my products I don’t bother to promote too much. There isn’t a great profit in each sale and I don’t currently have the time to develop or […]