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Making an SEO difference with a lot of pages?

We have a lot of product pages on one of our online stores, which has no meta keywords or description tags. Well, it uses the main page keywords and 35 chars of the start of the product description.

I’ve found and modified some code which will scan a string and produce some keywords by order of density.  However, it would include words you would want include, like these them etc.  Although there is a feature to remove words added to a list, which I have added more words.  This would be a big task to go through and cherry pick words to add the list.

So my dilemma is, I could make a difference and add more words to the black list, use more of the product description in the meta description, but this would be a lot of work. Which could be better spent, hand crafting the meta tags and product description.

As there so many pages it will take forever to do anything which will make a difference from an SEO point of view.


by JM

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  1. MikeL | May 15, 2010 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

    If the pages are written with PHP, why not use the product
    name as the page title and include the first 200 characters
    of the product description in the meta description tag.

    Alternatively, add fields for title and description to the
    database (if there is one) and enter the descriptions and
    titles bit by bit over time.

    I wouldn’t generate titles or meta description automatically
    in case the site starts looking too spammy.

  2. Dipsy | May 15, 2010 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

    Yep, that makes a lot of sense. Nice to have some smell the coffee.

    Also means no work for me, although my wife struggles to do any work on the site at all and I have other projects which are more worthy.

    Shame there wasn’t a quick fix.

    There are specific fields for meta tags and the title is generated from the product title already.

    I worry that we’ll never get the meta tags sorted and the site / sales will suffer as a result.

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