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Essential Invoicing Software Features

An invoicing software package needs to have a few essential features before it can truly be said to be more useful than manual invoicing, e.g. using a book of bills or simply using Excel invoice templates. Here’s a list of the top 5 essential attributes you need to look for in even the most basic and easy invoice software:-

1. A selection of professional invoice templates

To be considered professional, any invoice package needs to include a set of clean, professional invoice templates. The templates need to be neatly laid out and easy to read. The templates also need to let you add your business logo and contact details including payment instructions.

2. The package needs to let you easily edit the templates

Just letting you add your logo to a template is not enough. Any decent invoicing package will need to let you make edits to its templates. You may need different templates for specific customers for example or you may need to rearrange items and show extra information on your invoices, e.g. if you want to publicise special deals or offers from your business.

3. You need to be able to track payments

It goes without saying that the main reason for invoicing is to get paid. Make sure any software you purchase lets you easily record payments as well as show reports of who owes money and has overdue invoices.

4. Automates as much as possible of repeat invoicing

The better invoicing software supports recurring or automatic invoicing. You should be able to set up an initial invoice or transaction then have the package automatically raise future invoices on a schedule you set, e.g. once a month for 12 months.

5. Handles other documents, especially quotes

Any decent invoice software should also handle other documents associated with sales from your business. The most obvious is that and package capable of producing invoices should also be a good quote software too as quoting and invoicing go hand in hand with most businesses. For example, many tradesmen such as electricians and builders often produce quotes for work. They may need to track which quotes have been accepted/ rejected then raise invoices when work is completed and due to be charged.

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