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Balance Guide v1.6 iPhone App

What’s new in the latest version of Balance Guide ? The multi-account feature has been extended further and now includes transfers between accounts. To provide maximum flexibly, the transfer feature allows you enter a different description and date, catering for differences in clearing. Also a backup and restore feature via Dropbox Balance Guide iPhone app

My security in-security obesession for the year

We’ll our kaspersky internet security renewal was coming up so we upgraded. Been good this year, with other products we normally go for something different but have no complaints. So had a look to see what I could get for my mac mini and they don’t have a internet security package, but they have AV […]

iPhone, why I moved from FMDB to direct Sqlite3

I’m still quite disappointed, FMDB was easy to implement and only a few lines of code to do almost anything. I’ve even posted some example code on my blog. But when I sat and thought about, I realised I’d wasted two days (in total) trying figure out why sql wasn’t working. There must be some […]

iPhone, how to insert a record using fmdb

One of the easiest ways to perform transactions with a database with the iPhone is with the fmdb libraries. Its a few lines of code to do almost anything. This is the primary documentation for fmdb It’s pretty good and straight forward. But, I’ve had some problems today trying to insert a record. None […]

How to add a decimal point or a done button to the iphone number pad

Following on from our blog post about how to add the done button to the iphone number pad, here’s how upgrade that code to add a decimal point as well, well not at the same time 🙂 How to add your own Done button to the iPhone numeric keypad Ok, first of all if you […]

How to add your own Done button to the iPhone numeric keypad

Last revised 22nd September 2010 – as I missed some code from this article. There are several issues which you must be aware of when working around the missing done button on the iPhone numeric keypad. Use of private API’s is frowned upon by apple and they can reject your application. Also a lot of […]

How to, link my bug reports submissions into my ticket system?

Several years ago while my software wasn’t selling very well, I started to become very paranoid that my poor sales was due to bugs in my program. Bug that were hardly every reproduceable.  Over a year ago, I got some mturks to pinpoint some bugs. Which I believe, led to some of the major bugs […]

Goodbye to MDBSecure

After much discussion  over the last year or two, I finally took the difficult decision to pull the plug on MDBSecure. I’ve just been removing the last of the web pages and email addresses etc. I first started development on the product back in 2005. The code to create an MS Access database which had […]

Making an SEO difference with a lot of pages?

We have a lot of product pages on one of our online stores, which has no meta keywords or description tags. Well, it uses the main page keywords and 35 chars of the start of the product description. I’ve found and modified some code which will scan a string and produce some keywords by order […]

Am I having a keyword problem?

I have two very similar online stores, one is slightly older. The older site has a lot less product pages than the newer site. When I setup the older site, I added keywords and titles for each product. by default the code for the store uses the main site keywords if theres no keywords specified […]