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Why do I have to raise an invoice?

An invoice is a notice to your customer informing them of the work you have done for them or the goods you have supplied. It tells them how much money they have to pay you and when. Your invoices enable you to keep a record of how much business you have carried out during that […]

Essential Invoicing Software Features

An invoicing software package needs to have a few essential features before it can truly be said to be more useful than manual invoicing, e.g. using a book of bills or simply using Excel invoice templates. Here’s a list of the top 5 essential attributes you need to look for in even the most basic […]

Tip for PAD file Submission

Quick Tip: To make the most of a PAD file submission, you need to make sure your up to date listing gets shown on the front page of the software download site where it gets most exposure. As a side effect this probably means most link juice flows through your listing and back to your […]


Are Shareware Sites useful for Software Promotion?

I’ve read a couple of articles in the past year saying shareware sites are no good for software promotion. My recent experience though indicates the opposite. One of my products I don’t bother to promote too much. There isn’t a great profit in each sale and I don’t currently have the time to develop or […]


Keep on Making Money Selling Software

One thing I always end up coming back to is thinking how to keep on making money writing and selling software. First off, you need a good product and – perhaps even more difficult – you need a way of letting people know the software exists. There are easy ways to do this like Google […]

Time Management and Keeping Things on Track

I’ve been thinking about the multi-tasking post on this blog and how I handle (or not) working on multiple projects. Quite often I’ll find myself dreaming about some new project to work on and before you know it I’ve either started researching or implementing something. Then I sort of wake up and realise I’m wasting […]

Spam, spam and more spam

Not sure what’s going on in the last few weeks but the number of submissions on all of my sites has dropped. The drop isn’t drastic, but what’s more worrying is that the percentage of spam submissions has increased dramatically. I now end up rejecting 40 to 50% of submissions. There seem to be a […]

Finalising a Sales Strategy

I’m pretty near having a version of my enhanced package ready to release. I’ve still got work to do like beef up my backend programs for analysing the sites it works with to ensure submissions work properly but I’m on the home run. The analysis needs to do more checks than are needed for my […]

Shop Site Review

I spent an hour or so looking the site and noted a few things. Some of the points are subjective, i.e they might just be my personal likes and dislikes. Performance for chosen keywords Four keywords were mentioned by email and the site does well for each of them – top 10 in the results […]

Printing CDs – How to make it easier

A fair percentage of our customers want a CD copy. My wife handles the admin side of the operation and is ending up spending a couple of evenings a week burning CDs, printing address labels and packing items for mailing the next day. It’s getting to be too much of a burden. At one point […]