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Why do I have to raise an invoice?

An invoice is a notice to your customer informing them of the work you have done for them or the goods you have supplied. It tells them how much money they have to pay you and when. Your invoices enable you to keep a record of how much business you have carried out during that […]

Essential Invoicing Software Features

An invoicing software package needs to have a few essential features before it can truly be said to be more useful than manual invoicing, e.g. using a book of bills or simply using Excel invoice templates. Here’s a list of the top 5 essential attributes you need to look for in even the most basic […]

Keep on Making Money Selling Software

One thing I always end up coming back to is thinking how to keep on making money writing and selling software. First off, you need a good product and – perhaps even more difficult – you need a way of letting people know the software exists. There are easy ways to do this like Google […]

Printing CDs – How to make it easier

A fair percentage of our customers want a CD copy. My wife handles the admin side of the operation and is ending up spending a couple of evenings a week burning CDs, printing address labels and packing items for mailing the next day. It’s getting to be too much of a burden. At one point […]

Software Pricing Strategy: Time for a rethink?

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting advice and comments from different people about the pricing strategy for my software. The thrust of both sets of comments is that I should charge more. Dipsy has made a similar comment to me on this blog before. I’m not getting the same advice from everybody. […]

Form Editor/ Designer

Lately, I’ve been working towards a forms designer that can be used with a new version of my main software. The idea is to let people freely edit their own invoice templates to suit their own business. A fair percentage of people seem to want modifications, e.g. in the colour of text, or they want […]

Support for customers in non-English speaking countries

This might be a strange post since we have a German contributor but I’d like to see if anyone has expxerience of providing support to people in non-English speaking countries. At the moment, I sell software in English only via a site. This allows me to target the UK, US, Australia, India etc. but […]


Sales Growth Factors

It would be interesting to find out what factors people think have been successful in gaining or growing sales for their products. One factor might be time, another advertising and so on. For me, my sales have grown almost directly in line with the number of visitors I get via search engines. I usually find […]

First thoughts about hiring a coder to do website work

A few days ago I said I wanted to code a backend/ customer management interface for my site. I’ve decided I need to do this fairly quickly as I’m getting more and more customer requests for lock codes, custom templates etc. I also need to quickly find out who’s purchased when I get a query. […]

Ideaspad – Information Manager

Ideaspad is a sort of personal information manager, it has a lot of different uses and have comprehensive functionality. Unlike other similar programs Ideaspad allows you to create your own structure for your information by using HTML forms. Therefore, you could design your own data entry system over night. Ideaspad – An Award winning information […]