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Discussions and information about Google Product Search formerly known as Froogle and Google Base Merchant Centre.

What to do with Google Product Search next!

I’ve been doing some research on Google Product Search and Google Base, to see if I canĀ  improve my sales. So I thought I’d publish my findings and my experiences here. I’ve also created a new category on the blog here. Page Rank (PR) has little impact on how high you appear in product search […]

A true test of my google base / product search feed improvements

I’ve had google base feeds for over a year now, actually it may be longer. I started out just creating a text file from a spreadsheet and uploading the file to my website. Then pointed google base at that file. With our jewellery site, I went one step further and linked the shop data into […]

Google products base file updates

When I first discovered how great google base files were I spent about two weeks trying to find advice on how to make the most out of them. I found that almost anyone who sells things on the web can use them and you can create them and forget about them. During these time I […]

An interesting post on how to double your traffic Discuss ? And heres something else… by JM


How to make good money via google base?

I wish I knew the answer to that question. But I hope to add comments to the post to help me do so. I first tried google base when it was froogle. If you don’t know what either is, let me explain. Its basically a service provided by google to allow you to submit your […]

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