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A Guide to Buying Blog Posts

I’ve been going round in circles with link building and I find that compiling all the guidance and my thoughts on this blog to be a really useful and an “inĀ  your face” area to keep them. In the last couple of days I’ve been through all the emails I’ve had on using blog posts […]

Finding a good enough store with blog to partner blog

Following recently emails with Mike, blogging and maybe blog commenting still seem to be the easiest way to get back links. I read on DP that forming a partnership with a fellow store and blog sites (in the same category as my site(s)) and then guest blogging is an ideal way to get links and […]

A new pad file link building idea?

I was just thinking about the pad file link building idea and the pros and cons. Cons The file would be submitted to too many sites and would be judged as spam. You needed to have a different exe / program to go with it. You had to create the pad file which took time. […]


It shouldn’t be this difficult?

I was thinking earlier how I could get more traffic and sales to my site for free. I thought link building, then I thought this isn’t what google wants. It was you to become an authoritative site. I was thinking about google products and sites which give you something for free. Then I thought about […]

Getting on track with link building?

I’ve just done what seems to be my bi-monthly task, of looking at link building task at the top of my to-do list. Then wading through the topics on link building here, which is made easier as last time I created a new category called link building. Firstly, what I’ve just read here which has […]

Results: Pad file and directory submission, did they do anything for me?

I’ve just been looking at analytics and webmaster tools, specifically at keywords. I’ve compared our 2 shops. The jewellery site is about 6 months old and the maths site is over a year old. About a year ago I created pad files and submitted the site using mikes directory submitter. If I look in AllTheWeb […]


How can a shop or product site become an authoritative site?

I’ve been trying to get my wife to help with linking building for our jewellery site, by showing her how to comment on blogs. However she rightly points out that this seems a bit like a scam. Also I’m sure we all agree that there isn’t a huge benefit from these type of links. Today […]

My latest link building motivation

Since I had my first few comments rejected and them found a way of finding sites which should accept my comments, I’ve done nothing. However, I did add a task in my to do list software, which now shows the task at the top of my list, well almost. Firstly I’m going to revisit my […]

Making progress with blog commenting

I’ve been struggling to make any progress, I’ve made some blog comments and not had any accepted. So I’ve been looking round this blog for previous useful tips, I’ve made a new link building category and added all those relevant posts to it. And my results are zip, except that blog commenting seems to be […]

Link Exchanging

Do people genuinely still email you asking for a link exchange? I know I get several emails a month, but I always ignore them, now I’ve got a good captcha feature I hope to gain more confidence in these emails, but I guess I’ll still have doubts. I remember I found some sample emails about […]