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Goodbye to MDBSecure

After much discussion¬† over the last year or two, I finally took the difficult decision to pull the plug on MDBSecure. I’ve just been removing the last of the web pages and email addresses etc. I first started development on the product back in 2005. The code to create an MS Access database which had […]

Are Shareware Sites useful for Software Promotion?

I’ve read a couple of articles in the past year saying shareware sites are no good for software promotion. My recent experience though indicates the opposite. One of my products I don’t bother to promote too much. There isn’t a great profit in each sale and I don’t currently have the time to develop or […]


Ideas on how keep writing a news blog

I’ve created several blogs and only one, this blog, is still alive and healthy. However, this blog is more like a discussion area than a news / update information area. Its easy to add content to this blog as were talking to other people and that gives us things to talk about. The first couple […]

Multi site blog integration

I used to have a blog for my K program, but I found it difficult to write new blog posts and in the end I deleted it. However, I do need to add more content and show that my K web site is alive and that things are happening. I’ve made some early steps towards […]

Useful customer data

Since I’ve been looking at newsletters and customer engagement, its become apparent that I need to know more about my customers and potential customers. I was just considering one of my projects however, it makes sense to consider other projects which might benefit. About a year ago Blue convinced me that I should ask potential […]

Development of a customer engagment system part 4

Program Design If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll know I’ve been researching newsletters. Obviously a lot of the information out there is very generalised and its taken me a little time to reflect and digest. For a number of years I’ve been collecting uninstall information, basic data which hasn’t really helped me at […]

Campaign vs Monthly Newsletters

I haven’t actually worked directly on my customer engagement system today. Although I have done a lot of research into the actual newsletters and what I could include, I mean the ideas not actual content. I’ve found a lot of good advice. However, I haven’t read anything about campaign newsletters. I haven’t searched for that, […]

Development of a customer engagment system part 3

Well there hasn’t been much effort put into this third part of the development. I’ve added my smtp class and I’ve found my previous html email source files, which contains smtp header information. I’ve sent some test emails and have proven that I can send html emails. Also I’ve created a new folder for email […]

Development of a customer engagment system part 2

I’ve spent a few hours today, with kids TV blaring in the background, designing a database and writing the data access functions. The key to a simple database, which uses two tables, is a date field which I call “Do Not Email Before” which signifies the earliest date when an email can be sent, I […]

Development of a customer engagment system part 1

Well with it being the school half term holiday I’ve not been able to do anything too complicated or be at my desktop. However, I have managed to spend some time on my laptop. I’ve developed some vba functions for outlook which run in-conjunction with outlook rules. So I now have all my K program […]