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This category is a place where software developers can post news about their new software releases

Tip for PAD file Submission

Quick Tip: To make the most of a PAD file submission, you need to make sure your up to date listing gets shown on the front page of the software download site where it gets most exposure. As a side effect this probably means most link juice flows through your listing and back to your […]


New Software Package Release

I’m now one week into the new release of V2 of my main software package. So far I’ve had loads of downloads and no problems reported. I’ve also had some purchases from new users and some upgrades which give me confidence things are OK. I had good feedback during the beta but decided to resist […]

Directory Submitter: First month round-up

In a day or two, my directory submission software package SliQ Submitter will have been on sale for one month. All-in-all I’m pretty pleased with the first month. I’ve made a few sales – nothing stunning but enough to feel confident about the product. Traffic is still low but the site has now started to […]

SliQ Submitter 2009 Released

I thought I’d just let you know that all the work we’ve been doing has now been put to use and SliQ Submitter 2009 is now live. I’ve written a new set of web pages over at I decided to charge a nominal amount every 3 months for unlimited updates. The hope is that […]

MDBSecure 2009 v1.2.0 Released

Following comments from made by customers we decided to look into adding some advanced security settings, as provided in 3 screens within MS Access. However, following our analysis we realised that we’d basically have to copy the screens. Since we wanted to provide a stability in this feature we decided to give customers the option […]

New Directory Submission Tool Release

Over at SliQTools, I’ve made a new release of my free directory submission software, SliQ Submitter. Functionally, it’s not a major release but a lot of effort, over many days, has gone in to checking and tidying up the supported list of web directories. In version 1.0.X, SliQ supported over 2100 web directories. However, in […]

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Speaking Times Table Tutor CD Review

Have you just been spending hours with your child to get her to learn her times tables? Most of the day can go by and don’t feel as if your child has learnt anything. As with anything which is hard to do, you have you make it fun. Check out the our ‘Speaking Times Tables […]

WordPress SEO Plugins

Last days I found a wonderful posting about some SEO Plugins for WordPress. Here’s a link to it: by GS

WordPress PAD File Plugin

I thought that you maybe interessted in a new wordpress plugin that can be used for showing Pad File content in your blog. I implemented that plugin the last days, because I make a complete re-design of my website using wordpress. You can download and test it at my technical blog: by GS EDIT: Heres […]

Invoicing Software Released

SliQTools have released version 1.4 of their easy-to-use invoice software/ billing software package SliQ Invoicing and Quoting.               The software supports configurable currencies and tax rates and is suitable for businesses in any English-speaking country. A fully functional 30 day trial of SliQ Invoicing and Quoting can be downloaded […]