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Tip for PAD file Submission

Quick Tip: To make the most of a PAD file submission, you need to make sure your up to date listing gets shown on the front page of the software download site where it gets most exposure. As a side effect this probably means most link juice flows through your listing and back to your […]


Making an SEO difference with a lot of pages?

We have a lot of product pages on one of our online stores, which has no meta keywords or description tags. Well, it uses the main page keywords and 35 chars of the start of the product description. I’ve found and modified some code which will scan a string and produce some keywords by order […]

Am I having a keyword problem?

I have two very similar online stores, one is slightly older. The older site has a lot less product pages than the newer site. When I setup the older site, I added keywords and titles for each product. by default the code for the store uses the main site keywords if theres no keywords specified […]

Why does our maths shop do so much better than our jewellery shop?

I haven’t done any stats, but I know that our maths shop get a lots more sales than our jewellery shop . At the moment the jewellery site is PR3, well the main page and the maths site is PR2. I’m just wondering if that pad file stuff I do has anything to […]

Maybe I’ve been using the adwords all wrong?

Its just occurred to me, that maybe I’ve been using the adwords tool all wrong. When I’ve done keyword , in the past, I’ve looked for keywords which don’t have a full bar of competition, I then look at other things. But I don’t touch keywords with a full bar of competition. As a result […]

Deciding whats wrong with your site?

We’ve been bouncing a few emails around over the holidays, looking at my stores and the keywords. Its difficult to know what to do to improve your site. However, most of my keywords that i’ve optimized for are working for me. But they aren’t popular keywords which bring in lots of sales. With online shops […]

How to know what keywords work and succeed?

I’ve setup a couple of sites in the last year or so where I’ve done some keyword research using the adwords keywords tool. I found keywords which seem relevant to my products and had produced traffic. However, these keywords have not produced orders for me. Looking at my google webmaster stats top queries seem to […]

It shouldn’t be this difficult?

I was thinking earlier how I could get more traffic and sales to my site for free. I thought link building, then I thought this isn’t what google wants. It was you to become an authoritative site. I was thinking about google products and sites which give you something for free. Then I thought about […]

Getting on track with link building?

I’ve just done what seems to be my bi-monthly task, of looking at link building task at the top of my to-do list. Then wading through the topics on link building here, which is made easier as last time I created a new category called link building. Firstly, what I’ve just read here which has […]

Results: Pad file and directory submission, did they do anything for me?

I’ve just been looking at analytics and webmaster tools, specifically at keywords. I’ve compared our 2 shops. The jewellery site is about 6 months old and the maths site is over a year old. About a year ago I created pad files and submitted the site using mikes directory submitter. If I look in AllTheWeb […]