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How to SEO product page

I’m not going to repeat the points made in the How to SEO a web page, however I will refer and comment on those points.

Remember this page should be enough to sell your product, as much as your main page.

Follow points 1 through 14.

In addition to point 15, you’ll also need to add keyword links to this page through-out your site. ***** Mike, does this mean that I will need to add sentences which include this keyword phrase through-out my site. Also I’m guess the position of this link is important, I currently have a link from the footer, this is bad? *****

Follow point 16 through 19.

Point 20, concerning a site map, this should already be done, or you need to add this page.

Also follow points 21 and 22.

Follow point 23 and remember that second product pages are important so links to them should be at the top of the page, e.g. in your left hand panel.

***** This is a first draft, please feel free to add stuff *****

by JM & ML