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Fix your site marketing

I’m not going to talk about what you think, about changing your H1 and title etc, please see our ‘How to SEO a web page’ page for that.

This page is aimed at how to move your page and web sites into a new design which will create sales.

For instance, I’ve made mistakes in the past, I have a domain which is really long and its my company name. Now, we know that this isn’t best, no one will type in my brand / company name as I’ve not a big company; and google won’t find a keyword in my domain name.

Having said this, I’ve learned that this isn’t all bad news, I can keep this domain and still move forward. I can use page names with keywords and the fact that my site has been around a while, gives me points from google which a new site would not. So there is value in my new site.

At the moment, I’m using this site for three products, I’ve bought a new domain for one and my other product isn’t that good and never made it out of beta. So I can use the site just for one of my products.

I can move content to my new domain, although I’ll alter it so I don’t get penalized by google for duplication. I can also forward those urls to the new domain.

I had wondered about how I would move to a new site and how I would do it, but if you consider that your new site will have second product pages, aimed at certain parts of your product, then theres no need to duplicate your old pages.

The only point I haven’t worked out yet, is how keep those old landing pages which produce some traffic. However I guess there aren’t great pages and they don’t generate much in the way of sales.

by JM