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This is an effort to provide a very brief summary of the outcome of discussions and information available on this blog. This will not be automatically generated so at times it will be out of date. There are similar pages on SEO, which might be moved into the knowledge base at a later date. Therefore, I’m not going to summarize any SEO topics.

I figure the best way to develop this section is to enlarge this document then split it up into child documents.

You need a selling strategy which selling products on a website. You need to figure out what questions your customer will ask when they look at your website and let your site do the selling for you and answer those questions, e.g. an FAQ page.

We’ve discussed a selling strategy where providing a free version as a way of gaining feedback and having “not available in the free version messages”. But this wasn’t thought to be a good idea. I’ve since been looking at some software and others using a similar approach, using the word free kept me on their site and looking at their software. But I was put off when I found the limitations and that I had to pay. So I think a free version would have to be free without marketing a full version. Although I think the idea of a free version is appealing as something I haven’t tried, I now feel differently about this approach at the moment. Another idea instead of freeware version have 180 day trial.

In addition to the discussion on seasonalising websites, I’ve just added a January Sale to my website simply by create a coupon which works with ShareIT. Its important to create seasonalised content well in advance of the season. Then it can be picked up by the search engines and gain links. You’ll also need to prepare your home page changes which will have new links and images. The these can be put into place when required, perhaps automatically.

Shopping cart websites should be treated like any other website and SEO’d in the same way. A good tip is to add site wide links to your best keyword pages near the top of your pages. I’ve labelled this block as recent searches. During these changes, page names will change, make sure your forward them. Also add internal keywords site wide links.

Engaging the customer, Blue has mentioned in the past and I’d forgotten about not providing direct downloads / links to trial versions. As I have nothing to loose from trying this and that it would prove that my website sells without my trial version I have remove download links from my KMF site.  Also, Blue said that in the past he had a page to capture the users name and email address before they were able to download the software. The benefits from this are that you can tracks stats on this page in analytics and useful customer data. And that people unwilling to fill in a simple form would probably also will to buy. Start an email campaign, keep sending emails at milestones in a trial, which should all be automated.

For my Ideaspad site I need to create second product pages for good keywords. This applies to german pages too. However, I need to figure out what german people search for product.

My ordering system, as with any ordering system, is only as good as the time / money it saves you. Therefore is need to do everything. I need to log into all my payment gateways, gain the basic information to produce a packing slip and a license block on paper. Use the web browser with images turned off, this will be the easiest and quickest to develop.

Its not possible to test all your contact forms reliably automatically. The best way is to create a table on paper with columns of things you need to test and work through it by hand, add the date and make it a regular task.

Leeching protection, its worth it if you believe you are suffering. I’ve had a help and I have come up with a strategy which will work. You need to create a sort of sessions table, with the ip address and date. The do a simply query on the current ip, date and the count against a limit. This also means you need an insert query to add the current visit. So a select query and an insert query.

Using pad files and basic / token programs is a great link building strategy. Screen savers and Wallpaper are ideal types of applications which have good acceptance and can be quick to develop.