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Software Promotion Rules

Let us help you promote your software further

We provide 2 options to help with software promotion.

Option 1
If you write a short article announcing your release, we will post the article on our blog: and provide you with a link from the blog to your product page on SoftTester. As you make releases this will boost the ranking of your pages on SoftTester and make your products more visible on search engines like Google and Yahoo. We are heavily promoting the blog and your new release will get a wider audience helping to get your software known.

Under option 1 we will not allow links to external websites from within the article.

Option 2

For option 2, we will allow you to make two links back from the article to your website, if you provide a reciprocal link to the blog. We will require the reciprocal link to be in place before posting the article.

Submitting a Release Article

To submit a release article for review, create a user account on our blog and add your article (aka posting). We will then review it and hopefully approve it.

SoftTester reserves the right to review the release article. We do not guarantee to post the article. In particular, we do not accept articles with a gambling or adult theme.