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Google Adwords

Today I started a Google Adwords campaign for TimePunch. I’m really interessted to see on how much this changes the amount of visitors and hopefully my sellings 😉 For the first time I spend 100EUR with a limit of 5EUR a day and three keywords “Zeiterfassung”, “Arbeitszeit” and “Projektzeit”. I’ll keep you up to date … […]

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Google Analytics, getting the most from it?

Thats a question, my answer is no. I find it really complicated, sure I can understand the basics, but I’m sure theres a lot more I can gain from it. I’d like to be able to look at it and find out which keyword areas can be improved. I find it difficult to keep track […]

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Thoughts on links between web pages

On any web page, there are two types of outbound links:- a. Links to other pages on the same site. b. Links to pages on other sites. Very roughly speaking, the PR for a page is divided up between all outbound links on the page – whether the link is of type a or b. […]

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10 Tips for using Google Adwords

When I first set my website up and launched my brand new software product I had one real strategy for selling – get people to find my site and download the free trial copy of my software. Hopefully the software would then sell itself. From talking with other people who owned websites and tried to […]

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