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How to progress further with Ideaspad?

I’m in the process of having a major new featured added, which I believe will help significantly to bring Ideaspad more in-line with similar, more expensive products on the market. The product does sell at the moment without these modifications. So I believe it does have a future. I hope to add further functionality. However […]

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New name for IdeasPad

I wouldn’t worry too much about coming up with a name that people search for – you can always write text and titles on your website that steer people to your product anyway. I had a think of some names and looked for products with those naes on Google.  I came across some possible competing […]

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A new name for my Ideaspad Program?

For over a year now I’ve thought the name 101 Business Notes was a great new name for my Ideaspad program. I plan to release a new version of my program aimed purely at businesses, it will use a MySQL database, i guess I could also provide the option for MS SQL too. I’ve just […]

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Tucows and the clickable link

Forum Admin I´ve recently submitted Ideaspad to Tucows and after several days (ten I think) I got a message saying my software had been rejected. This was quite a shock as I´ve not been rejected anywhere else! 😮 The reason being that I did not have a clickable link to the Framework download (when the […]

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My Ideaspad Testplan

I thought I’d post my Ideaspad Test Plan. Someone may find it useful. It may spark a discussion? 1 Clear PC from previous installations / tests uninstall etc. Anything odd left behind? 2 NB: Through out testing, please turn you speakers on. If you notice an error beep in a funny place please make a […]

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Ideaspad – Information Manager

Ideaspad is a sort of personal information manager, it has a lot of different uses and have comprehensive functionality. Unlike other similar programs Ideaspad allows you to create your own structure for your information by using HTML forms. Therefore, you could design your own data entry system over night. Ideaspad – An Award winning information […]

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