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Tip for PAD file Submission

Quick Tip: To make the most of a PAD file submission, you need to make sure your up to date listing gets shown on the front page of the software download site where it gets most exposure. As a side effect this probably means most link juice flows through your listing and back to your […]

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Are Shareware Sites useful for Software Promotion?

I’ve read a couple of articles in the past year saying shareware sites are no good for software promotion. My recent experience though indicates the opposite. One of my products I don’t bother to promote too much. There isn’t a great profit in each sale and I don’t currently have the time to develop or […]

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Finalised plans for my I program.

I’ve now got two plans for my I program, which I think I should try and do both. Firstly, improve my main page and order page, fine tune it and make sure everything the customer needs to know they have. Then optimize the pages for new keywords, aim for good PR and get lots of […]

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A new pad file link building idea?

I was just thinking about the pad file link building idea and the pros and cons. Cons The file would be submitted to too many sites and would be judged as spam. You needed to have a different exe / program to go with it. You had to create the pad file which took time. […]

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Results: Pad file and directory submission, did they do anything for me?

I’ve just been looking at analytics and webmaster tools, specifically at keywords. I’ve compared our 2 shops. The jewellery site is about 6 months old and the maths site is over a year old. About a year ago I created pad files and submitted the site using mikes directory submitter. If I look in AllTheWeb […]

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