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Actual Software Trial Period Lengths

On my last software release on 11th November, I changed the product code/ unlock code format to make things easier for my customers. The change also means I don’t have to issue new unlock codes when someones buys a new PC. My old system was getting to be a bit of a burden and I […]

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Support for customers in non-English speaking countries

This might be a strange post since we have a German contributor but I’d like to see if anyone has expxerience of providing support to people in non-English speaking countries. At the moment, I sell software in English only via a site. This allows me to target the UK, US, Australia, India etc. but […]

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Keep Nagging For a Purchase

When I first thought about selling shareware I read all sorts of different advice about how to encourage people to purchase. The problem was that lots of advice conflicted. One piece of advice I got was never to stop people using the software package, i.e. don’t have a trial period. Let them use it forever […]

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How to get more downloads and sales?

This posting was taken from our forum Forum Admin Since I finished my first product, I’ve submitted it to various distribution sites. However, I’ve found that my MDBSecure product to be a lot more successful, i know it’s still early days, but it’s looking that way. How have you guys done? Have you paid for […]

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