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Shareware Site Refresh – Bartering for Graphics

Over at, I’ve been trying to promote the site to the likes of RoboSoft for a few weeks in an attempt to get submissions. I’ve failed miserably.  The site is getting only a handful of visitors a day and no submissions at all. The original idea behind ResourceFill was that it was a low-cost […]

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First implementation of Shareware Site Improvements

I’ve implemented an Editor’s Picks section listing recommended software downloads on the homepage of SoftwareLode. The list is populated with programs I personally recommend after review. I’ve coloured the background of the Editor’s Pick section to make them stand out a bit. I’ll probably choose the programs to list based on whether authors ask to […]

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First Thoughts on Shareware Site Improvements

On SoftwareLode at the moment, the home page has a Featured program at the top. The script for this is a bit wonky though. It selects a program at random but the random number range is very small (1 to 10) and doesn’t cover the full range of programs on the site. In any case, […]

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