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Freeware version as a selling strategy?

In the past few years I’ve seen many of my competitors and other software where theres a freeware or free version, which is a cut down version of the real thing. The real thing not being free. Up till now I’ve considered other factors but not the SEO factor. There would be more traffic, downloads […]

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SEo’ing for German

Well I’ve been looking for a German keyword suggestion tool. I translated keyword suggestion tool which translates as Keyword Vorschlags Tool. I searched for this on and found this. I did a quick search on Informationsverwaltung (which means Information management) and found it had 259.. Gesch├Ątzte mtl. Abfragen bei Google Which means.. Estimated […]

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What does this page need?

I’ve posted a second request to get someone to help re-write my german pages for ideaspad to get better ranking on google. I know these pages don’t have any / many inbound links. However if we take this page as an example. What do I need to do with it? In an ideal world […]

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How to make good money via google base?

I wish I knew the answer to that question. But I hope to add comments to the post to help me do so. I first tried google base when it was froogle. If you don’t know what either is, let me explain. Its basically a service provided by google to allow you to submit your […]

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Joy another softtester bug and cleanup for me :(

While soubmitted my new pad file I’ve obviouly been examining it on softtester. Although I do look at pad file addition submissions and convert them to update submissions if they are re-submitted. Somehow I’ve now got 3 copies of mdbsecure on softtester. One from my old site and 2 from the new. Although the 2 […]

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When you’ve got 2 product sites for the same product?

Now that I’ve got a new website for MDBSecure, I’d like to ditch my old site. Change my pad file and set the new location in the old file. I can hear you saying already, “you don’t want to do that” you have an existing / established site, with inbound links and is already on […]

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Getting Quality Inbound links

In a comment on an earlier post there was a question about getting inbound links. Well, getting links to a website is one of the most time-consuming and difficult activities when first trying to make a site rank well in SERPs. Although web directories are not as useful in this regard as they were a […]

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Top link taking an unfair proportion of PR?

On SoftTester, one of the highest PR inner pages is Strangely this page is almost the first link on every page, i.e. the link nearest the top of the page. I remember reading a while ago that the position of links on pages can influence PR pass through. I wonder if this is happening […]

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Tweak, Tweak… but how to keep at it?

I was thinking how I could get round to climbing my SEO mountain, with all my sites and all those pages which I have to do. Also, that I’m coming to the end of one of my tasks, setting up a new site, the content and the page design, the next job would be to […]

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How to progress further with Ideaspad?

I’m in the process of having a major new featured added, which I believe will help significantly to bring Ideaspad more in-line with similar, more expensive products on the market. The product does sell at the moment without these modifications. So I believe it does have a future. I hope to add further functionality. However […]

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