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My Ideaspad Testplan

I thought I’d post my Ideaspad Test Plan.
Someone may find it useful.
It may spark a discussion?

1 Clear PC from previous installations / tests uninstall etc. Anything odd left behind?
2 NB: Through out testing, please turn you speakers on. If you notice an error beep in a funny place please make a note. Remember beeps nearly always mean error Install the program, pretend you’d downloaded the file. Create an New IB file from start-up screen, give it a weird name with unusual characters
3 Add a new item in the tree, add some text to the rich textbox add another item add a sub item, add to text to rich text box add another sub item Link to this item, to your first branch and add some more text to textbox Drag and drop text within rich text box
4 Close the program, change to German dates (from regional settings). The start program. Add a root branch, and a sub branch. Add some rich text to each. Close program, reset dates back to normal.
5 Add some sort order numbers in branch properties, although DON’T change the sort order property in options.
6 Select a template ‘an Expense Form’, add it to menu, create a root branch. Create another, an ‘appointment form’ as sub branch, overwrite an RTF Topic. Try merge an Appointment form with an address form (has some of the same fields).
7 Change a template to RTF, from template menu option
8 Add lots of bookmarks to template topics and RTF topics. Delete a couple of topics, so you have orphan bookmarks, see if they work, they shouldn’t but don’t produce and error.
9 Close the program, select your IB file and choose ‘Don’t ask me again’. Go into program. Close Program, and re-open see if it auto loads IB file.
10 Change the text and icons of all your templates and for your bookmarks.
11 Test the spell checker, do what it says, download the US dictionary. Test on RTF and template.
12 Use the ‘Find template Topic’ feature. Also the find & replace
13 Just use your mouse, click and drag and right click. Move branch, copy, use copy, cut, paste from the menu, buttons and right click.
14 Just use the keyboard, test navigation keys and short cut keys. For the tree, menus and textbox
15 Tab ordering
16 Test for dodgy characters and control characters New Root Branch, New Sub branch, New Bookmark
17 Test max length of text fields New Root Branch, New Sub branch, New Bookmark
18 Test for interaction with other program, alt+tab etc
19 Minimize, Maximize, resize, make really small
20 Close the program, set resolutions to 800×600 and a weird theme. Restart program. Maximize, minimize, resize. Select a template, add some text, click on another branch. Click on rapid entry, maximize it. Close app, reset resolution and restart app.
21 print a page use selective print
22 Options Dialog Changes to font settings, to really weird settings, click OK and see how they look. Change the sort order. Change your default start-up topic, close the program, see if it works, do one for both an RTF topic and Template topic, restart prog to test. Change the default topic type, to template, select a template and colour scheme, try it, close program, try again.
23 rename a sub item delete a sub item delete a root, which has sub items Delete a root which has linked sub item
24 Bulk testing, try import about a meg file and copy the branches, lots of times.
25 Use a standard template, from the templates menu Enter some text, click to an RTF topic, use word wrap Go back to template topic, click word warp, change some text in template Go back to RTF topic and drag and drop some text. Create bullet points and text, drag and drop some bullet text. Open Wordpad, enter some text, make some of it bold, drag and drop this into your template the your rich text box (template shouldn’t allow it) Use the insert graphics feature, find at least 3 different graphics formats, ensure you successfully manage to import a big file (2mb).
26 Open another copy of Ideaspad with the same IB file. Copy and paste from wordpad, to Ideaspad 1 and them to Ideaspad 2. From this point minimize Ideaspad 2 and forget about it!
27 Create a very simple user template, copy the one out of the help file, follow the instructions. Make some obvious mistakes, see have the program handles it. Copy the file, rename it and change the template id. Add it, use it.
28 Export wizard, export all your branches, one of your user templates. Export a branch, once which you have used a user template, then don’t export the user template. You should get warnings, about orphan book marks. And Topic that don’t have a template file.
29 Import each file, into your Information Base file, several times, to different branches. Create a new IB file and import them too.
30 Use Rapid Entry, click on the toolbar button. Do as it says, select Diary form. Use the controls to set default values, click apply, then default. Enter a couple of templates. Click default, change the default values Enter 2 more templates, click OK to save and close. Use from Template menu, via Select. Do 1 Diary, 1 Appointment and one address.
31 Use the F1 button on various screens, and the help buttons. Check with Author for new / updated topics you may not have seen, then read through the help files, do they make sense? Spelling etc?
32 restart the program, use maintenance, create a new file, open, rename, repair, delete etc
33 Check the documentation, is the spelling OK, does it make sense
34 Test Locking with
35 Test Check for updates, you will need some older program files to test
36 Test Install Add-on, just to provide file to test with.
37 Demo only, change your date forward 24 days, does it expire? Does it say 7 days to expire?
38 Get license from MCL, does it work? Did it do what you expect?
39 Does the Shareware shortcuts disappear, including Buy. Does the selective print have this is shareware version on it?

Ideaspad – An Award winning information manager for home and professional use

by JM

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