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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008

Simple way of comparing field values

This post is a response to There are many ways to skin a cat but the first idea that springs to mind is to use the Dictionary class in the .Net runtime. The field names can be the keys and the field values will be the values associated with the keys. Using a dictionary might […]

Whats the best to stop existing data being added in an update query?

This probably isn’t what you think, but I couldn’t think of an accurate title. I use and INSERT query at the start of my process then an UPDATE query later on. I need to reduce the size of my UPDATE query by stopping it from updating data I already have in my record. When I […]

MySQL Query Performance Improvements

SoftTester uses a program written in VB.Net to perform all of the transactions. At the moment.t this runs during the night. In the last few months is undergone some big changes moving from MS Access offline with My SQL, to completely with MySQL. Obviously when I did this conversion I had to do it in […]

Missing Images

I´ve worked out I´m missing 5000 screen shots. I´m not sure what to do for the best. I´m not polling at all at the moment, I haven´t been since the start of the year. I´m waiting to get my updater program more resource friendly before I add it. So theres no way some of these […]


Writing Help files for software products

For help, I’ve stuck with the CHM format. It does what I need and is easy to integrate with a .Net application. I must admit though I haven’t spent time investigating alternatives and I’ve just gone with what I know about. I used to find the process of developing a CHM a bit laborious. I’d […]


New name for IdeasPad

I wouldn’t worry too much about coming up with a name that people search for – you can always write text and titles on your website that steer people to your product anyway. I had a think of some names and looked for products with those naes on Google.  I came across some possible competing […]

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A new name for my Ideaspad Program?

For over a year now I’ve thought the name 101 Business Notes was a great new name for my Ideaspad program. I plan to release a new version of my program aimed purely at businesses, it will use a MySQL database, i guess I could also provide the option for MS SQL too. I’ve just […]

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A RentACoder (RAC) Testing Request

I’d just like to recommend that you put together a request for testing with Initially I got some buttons designed for my app. Then I got some testing done on my app, quite cheap too. Always make sure the coders English is good and there feedback is OK. When considering a new coder, they […]

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Handling Genuine 404 Errors

Since I started tracking missing pages (only recently) I have found that with upgrades to the site, when a lot of duplicate data was removed, I now have lots of genuine 404 errors. Sure I may have page errors which I haven’t realised yet, but I certainly have pages which don’t corresond to records in […]

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Counting Numbers to Keep People Interested

You mentioned counting downloads a few days ago. I think this is a very good way of making people come back. I’d consider showing a number of top lists – on different pages, e.g. On the front page – top 20 downloads this day or week. On category pages – top 10 or 20 in the […]