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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

Idea for naming landing pages

Inspired of the last blog entry I was thinking about valueable landing pages for my own product. The problem is┬áto find names that fits to what the customer searches. There’s my idea. I have monthly statistics of my web page for the most used search phrases. What about taking these search phrases for buying new […]

How to maintain second language product pages?

I’ve got a product which is available in English and German. I met a German guy online and we discussed our software and we helped each other. Then he offered to help me create a German version of my program. He provided all the text I needed for all parts of my program. Its been […]


When you’ve got 2 product sites for the same product?

Now that I’ve got a new website for MDBSecure, I’d like to ditch my old site. Change my pad file and set the new location in the old file. I can hear you saying already, “you don’t want to do that” you have an existing / established site, with inbound links and is already on […]


Graphic App Category and sub category problem

When I ugraded softtester to work on a webserver rather than an offline database a program I discovered a problem / a typo in the graphics app category. I though I’d fixed this problem, however there were some remaining occurences of the phrase “graphics apps” or “graphics-apps” where in both cases it should have read […]

Getting Quality Inbound links

In a comment on an earlier post there was a question about getting inbound links. Well, getting links to a website is one of the most time-consuming and difficult activities when first trying to make a site rank well in SERPs. Although web directories are not as useful in this regard as they were a […]


Does traffic drop in the summer months?

In the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve noticed a significant (20 or 30%) drop in traffic on my websites. At the same time I seem to be moving up in the SERPs for my keywords. The only thing I can think is happening is that people are going on holiday now that summer is […]

Top link taking an unfair proportion of PR?

On SoftTester, one of the highest PR inner pages is Strangely this page is almost the first link on every page, i.e. the link nearest the top of the page. I remember reading a while ago that the position of links on pages can influence PR pass through. I wonder if this is happening […]

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MS Access Database Security site design complete :)

I’ve only got a couple of small fixes to do then I’m ready to start doing some SEO. I’ve also got to do my white paper. Suggestions? by JM


Tweak, Tweak… but how to keep at it?

I was thinking how I could get round to climbing my SEO mountain, with all my sites and all those pages which I have to do. Also, that I’m coming to the end of one of my tasks, setting up a new site, the content and the page design, the next job would be to […]

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How to progress further with Ideaspad?

I’m in the process of having a major new featured added, which I believe will help significantly to bring Ideaspad more in-line with similar, more expensive products on the market. The product does sell at the moment without these modifications. So I believe it does have a future. I hope to add further functionality. However […]

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