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{ Monthly Archives } October 2008

Support for customers in non-English speaking countries

This might be a strange post since we have a German contributor but I’d like to see if anyone has expxerience of providing support to people in non-English speaking countries. At the moment, I sell software in English only via a site. This allows me to target the UK, US, Australia, India etc. but […]


Speaking Times Table Tutor CD Review

Have you just been spending hours with your child to get her to learn her times tables? Most of the day can go by and don’t feel as if your child has learnt anything. As with anything which is hard to do, you have you make it fun. Check out the our ‘Speaking Times Tables […]

MSI Files

In our series of discussion about software installation we shall be discussing the different installation methods provided by shareware and software developers. MSI stands for Microsoft Installer file, which is a file format which is recognised by Microsoft Windows by Microsoft Windows Installer technology. When you run an MSI file it gets copied into a […]

Finding backlinks to a website

There are a number of ways of finding the backlinks to a website but each has pros and cons. The two simplest ways are to use Google Webmasters or the link: command. You can only use Google Webmasters if you control a website and can verify ownership. In terms of Google PageRank, Google’s Webmaster interface […]


Any further SEO improvements I can make to this page?

I’ve now got internal keyword links on every page to my keyword pages. I’ve also had help, producing a cross linker to automatically add keyword links to content. Anything further I can do? by JM

I’ve just shelved my To Do list…

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been lacking motivation, I’ve had so many things going on in my life and I’ve been getting quite stressed. Theres things which have needed doing for ages. Well they will all have to wait a bit longer. I’ve decided that since I spent an afternoon a couple of […]

A marketing tip

This doesn’t have as much SEO value as for marketing, but it does have a little SEO value. I was told to pretend you are your customers and post of forums saying how good your products were, providing links etc. I guess from an SEO point of view you’d have to be picking about the […]