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{ Monthly Archives } March 2009

Missing Images – the real reasons

In a post earlier this week I asked if there was a reliable PHP function to check if an image exists. In a comment on the post I showed the code I currently use. After a bit more investigation I think my code pretty much works OK but that all Google Webmaster errors that were […]

Search Engine traffic on the way back at last

A couple of months ago on this blog I wondered whether there was such a thing as an Adsense penalty. Over at my software downloads site, traffic had been building up nicely and I was getting over 2000 page views a day. I was starting to make a nice bit of Adsense income and looking […]

Wireless Networks and Occasionally Connected Applications

I’ve been doing some research and thinking about database systems and the future direction I want for my applications. I’ve been thinking about my home network which is wireless-based and how the network has a habit of dropping in and out. A lot of bigger companies have a rock-solid wired network but I bet that […]

In PHP is there a reliable way to determine if a remote file exists?

On softwarelode, I coded up the PHP to detect if a program screenshot exists at the URL given in the PAD file. The problem is that sometimes the code works and sometimes it doesn’t. Google Webmasters likes to delay giving me errors but in the last few weeks it’s started complaining of about 100 cases […]

Reducing the Installer size: No longer bundling the .Net 2.0 runtime

In the past I’ve complained about the bandwidth usage on my website approaching the 40Gb monthly limit due to trial downloads of my software. Apart from the cost of the hosting for this level of bandwidth, in more recent months I suspect the host has been getting a bit slower and the download times had […]

ADO.Net, Microsoft Access and Networks

For a future release I’m thinking of offering a networkable version of my software allowing people to access a central database from more than one PC. I could offer two types of networking:- One where the central DB is locked while someone has a copy of my software open. One where more than one user […]

Software Development Planning

When I was at uni we had systems analysis and this formed the basis of plans for software development. However, those days are ancient history and when your working on your own project, you tend to push all those horrid structured methods to one side. Since I’ve been developing my own projects for I think […]

Software Pricing Strategy: Time for a rethink?

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting advice and comments from different people about the pricing strategy for my software. The thrust of both sets of comments is that I should charge more. Dipsy has made a similar comment to me on this blog before. I’m not getting the same advice from everybody. […]

Dual Monitors and Laptop

I’ve recently discovered that its my setup giving me flicker problems rather than dodgy coding 🙂 Now I’ll probably get a new graphics card which will probably sort out me immediate problem. However, my main problem is my decreasing time at my desktop and my long term goal is not to have a desktop pc […]

Do a backup of your PC data

Ok, why am I posting all of a sudden, well I’m doing a data backup. I’ve done one DL DVD disc and am copying the disc. I also like to keep one and send the other to my mother. Then I’ll probably / maybe / perhaps / hmmm start my program updates. by JM