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Whats blog posting all about really?

I was just wondering about one of my sites, it does quite well for traffic, I think one of the reasons is that I used to regularly post on a forum, when I was developing my software, I had a signature link to my site. However, my traffic doesn’t lead to sales and therefore I could leap and say the forum posting did get me some traffic but not the right traffic.

Perhaps blog posting is the same as forum posting.

I know I blog here as I’m interested in discussing things, but on most blogs its more like a kind of newsletter or diary.

I’m thinking if I could find a topics which interest me that I could blog about them on someone elses blog and gain some links.

I guess one issue is that blogs aren’t like forums and unlike this blog, people don’t comment and post other posts out of interest.

I guess another issue is that I’m not passionate about jewellery or maths. Even finsing adjacent topics could cause me interest problems.

by JM

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  1. MikeL | December 28, 2009 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    Another option would be to pay someone to write articles
    for your blog. If you aren’t very interested in writing
    about your own business topic then rather than struggle
    to write material yourself, get someone else to do the

    I know this might not gain you more links but the extra
    content might make your site turn up in searches more

    I suspect that your site with decent traffic doesn’t do well
    due to forum links – I could be wrong though – but
    instead does well because it has a fair few landing pages.

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