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Why do I have to raise an invoice?

An invoice is a notice to your customer informing them of the work you have done for them or the goods you have supplied. It tells them how much money they have to pay you and when.

Your invoices enable you to keep a record of how much business you have carried out during that day, week, month or perhaps tax year. If you itemise your services or goods on your invoice you can then also keep track of how much business you do with each of them.

Paper invoicing is great, it’s tangible, on the table and there’s no ‘ logging in’ to see it. But in the techie world that we all live in more and more people and businesses are demanding digital invoice files.  SliQ Invoicing online helps you to make the leap from paper and postage stamps to digital invoice templates saved in the cloud and sent to you customers by email.  Did someone else want a copy of that invoice? With SliQ you just cc them on the email and that’s another postage stamp saved.  Of course all the time and hassle finding the red box is saved too.

Mistakes – we all make them. But add your invoice up wrong and you might do your self out of a few pennies or pounds.  But a digital invoice template will do the adding up and tax calculation for you.

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