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This area of the blog is dedicated to technical discussions about software / website technical issues.

My security in-security obesession for the year

We’ll our kaspersky internet security renewal was coming up so we upgraded. Been good this year, with other products we normally go for something different but have no complaints. So had a look to see what I could get for my mac mini and they don’t have a internet security package, but they have AV […]

How to add your own Done button to the iPhone numeric keypad

Last revised 22nd September 2010 – as I missed some code from this article. There are several issues which you must be aware of when working around the missing done button on the iPhone numeric keypad. Use of private API’s is frowned upon by apple and they can reject your application. Also a lot of […]

How to, link my bug reports submissions into my ticket system?

Several years ago while my software wasn’t selling very well, I started to become very paranoid that my poor sales was due to bugs in my program. Bug that were hardly every reproduceable.  Over a year ago, I got some mturks to pinpoint some bugs. Which I believe, led to some of the major bugs […]

Spam, spam and more spam

Not sure what’s going on in the last few weeks but the number of submissions on all of my sites has dropped. The drop isn’t drastic, but what’s more worrying is that the percentage of spam submissions has increased dramatically. I now end up rejecting 40 to 50% of submissions. There seem to be a […]

Why I think Experts Exchange is well worth the money

I had a discussion with Blue several months ago and he was shocked, he’d paid for a year upfront and found he wasn’t using it very much and had difficulty getting some money back, if he got any money back at all. EE is like RentACoder its all about knowing how things work and asking […]

Finalised plans for my I program.

I’ve now got two plans for my I program, which I think I should try and do both. Firstly, improve my main page and order page, fine tune it and make sure everything the customer needs to know they have. Then optimize the pages for new keywords, aim for good PR and get lots of […]

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Plans for SoftTester?

I’ve been making plans for all my projects. Options :- – Hmmm, improve the speed and functionality of the site I guess. Add extra dynamic pages. – I guess I could add affiliate buy links etc, but this will require a lot of on going admin, requesting and being approved etc. Of course I could […]

Finalising a Sales Strategy

I’m pretty near having a version of my enhanced package ready to release. I’ve still got work to do like beef up my backend programs for analysing the sites it works with to ensure submissions work properly but I’m on the home run. The analysis needs to do more checks than are needed for my […]

A new idea about what to do with my I program

I guess its not so much of a new idea, it has been suggested before. My idea is so sell a 1 user version of my “I” program VERY cheaply. Its current price is £13 I did think £5 but I could go for £3 Thoughts ?


Whats blog posting all about really?

I was just wondering about one of my sites, it does quite well for traffic, I think one of the reasons is that I used to regularly post on a forum, when I was developing my software, I had a signature link to my site. However, my traffic doesn’t lead to sales and therefore I […]