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Keyword dense page names which are no longer relavant

Last week I setup a new shop site and copied over my existing product from my old site, as the new site had a better domain name. So I then decided to put some different products on my old site. So I now have an old site with PR2 on the front page (which is […]

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Keyword Selection Tool

Since I bought my SEO book the information seems already out of date, even for the online tools its suggested. I’ve been looking for a good keyword selection tool. I’ve found these, oddly the urls have changed from my book. Anyway, my original choice of ms access security seems a bad idea although […]

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Choice of keywords for a satellite site?

All things considered I feel my effort / time to develop a product site with a keyword phrase, has to be well spent. So I really need to find out if my choice of keywords is correct before I jump in feet first. My keywords are MS Access Security. In my SEO book it says […]

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Not just relying on the Domain Name to highlight Keywords

Absolutely, I do agree that not just relying on the domain name is the right strategy. However, I do think googlebot will give something for it. I do agree it is a bit risky. However the risk is only in the cost, My ISP (One Smart Host) tells me I can have several domains in […]

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Don’t just rely on the Domain Name to highlight Keywords

How many keywords or phrases can you fit in a domain name? The likelihood is just one, e.g. ms-access-security. When optimising a new website or page, the general advice is to begin with 3 (or possibly 2) phrases to optimise. Usually you will only be able to fit one phrase into the domain name itself, […]

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Keyword heavy domain name site for my product?

For a long time now I’ve had filled away some advice from a marketing expert. My main product page (for my security product) is aimed at techies. He advised me to create a page aimed at managers, who are the people who will buy my software. I’m also not doing very well on some important […]

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Keyword Heavy Domain Name Sites

After reading a book of Search Engine Optimisation, I find myself puzzled by the idea of having a site with keywords in the domain name. The book suggests several different things which might help search engine positioning. The first idea is to have related keywords around your main keywords, which are aimed to force your […]

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