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Choice of keywords for a satellite site?

All things considered I feel my effort / time to develop a product site with a keyword phrase, has to be well spent. So I really need to find out if my choice of keywords is correct before I jump in feet first. My keywords are MS Access Security. In my SEO book it says […]

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Further thoughts on Keyword Heavy Domain Name Sites

I´ve been thinking again about that SEO book I read that recommended buying domains with keywords for your products in the domain name. I´m still not sure the advice is correct: Should you set up satellite sites with links to your home page, or should you make the sites look like competitors selling rebranded versions […]

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Keyword Heavy Domain Name Sites

After reading a book of Search Engine Optimisation, I find myself puzzled by the idea of having a site with keywords in the domain name. The book suggests several different things which might help search engine positioning. The first idea is to have related keywords around your main keywords, which are aimed to force your […]

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